Basic Service
Battery Car, Free Wheelchair, Free Water, Free Emergency Medicine, Umbrella
Burial Service
Holding the purpose of “Customer First, Service Best”, we integrate modern funeral culture in traditional sacrificial folk custom to better demonstrate the humanization, civilization and standardization of funeral service, and our professional burial Liturgy team will make you without any worries.
Final-Farewell Service
Hosted by professional emcee, we provide graceful and grave projector screen, stereo equipment and respect platform, decoration with fresh flowers according to the requirement of the relatives, and can display reminiscent video about the deceased’s honorable deeds or the diligent life struggling for the family to present the inheritance of identity and culture and bid farewell to the deceased with civilized way.
Substituted Sacrifice and Sweep
For the customers in foreign land , or unable to present at the grave because busily engaged, we can substitute to sacrifice and sweep the tomb, and the whole Liturgical process will be recorded with photo or video and transmitted to the customers’ mobile phone or e-mail, by which the customers can worship the deceased, express mourning any time and any place to resolve their regret and missing.
Memorial Tablet Service
The cremation urn will be pleased to the seat of memorial tablet, four liturgical soldiers will lift the coffin sedan to shoulder to express the respect to the deceased,the direct-relatives will carry the portrait of the deceased and memorial tablet and line behind the seat of memorial tablet to take part in the funeral procession with remembrance by guiding the seat; the four liturgical soldiers will send the deceased off for the last trip which is solemn and grave as a way to express the relatives’ grief and nostalgia to the deceased.
Tomb Cleaning
In order to make the deceased rest in a clean and warm place, we specially provide careful cleaning service, which can keep the tombstone dustless, no waste on tomb to satisfy the customer’s wish of express filial duty; and we have made monthly, quarterly and yearly cleaning standard according customer’s requirement, once a week to assure the tombstone clean and bright.
Storage Service